An incredibly uneventful journey from chez moi, via Kidderminster Station, central Birmingham, and International Airport to arrive at Dusseldorf!

Flew in-between two layers of cloud for a good part of it. Invisible from both the Earth and space!

The hour and twenty flight gave me a little time to jot down plans and considerations for the wilderness encounter system and create the full chart detailing the links between stats and derived stats for an RPG I'm working on based on the existing Vana'diel MMO. The aim is to use a full-fledged setting with ready-to-go monsters/items/plot etc. to playtest mechanics to be used in the Genosea RPG currently in development.

Notification that the trains were out of commission from the airport, so we caught a bendibus to Dusseldorf Central... And then a train back past the airport to Duisburg. Time to kill there waiting for a connection and we were struck by the lack of pubs on every street corner, or even in the station.

Bizarre to see cigarettes so cheap, in vending machines on the street, and advertised on billboards and signage everywhere. Outside any given building and on train platforms smells of tobacco too. It feels rude not to smoke!

Arrived at our hotel for the next four nights - the Ibis in Gelsenkerchen (clearly, this translates to "Hell's Kitchen") and naturally they've given us a double instead of a twin, with no way of sorting it out. Refund was offered, but unsurprisingly everywhere within 30km of Essen advertising online is booked up. It falls to me, as the junior member of Team GRG, to take the floor. Poor show, Ibis.

Wednesday 8pm and in Gelsenkerchen town centre is quiet. We found an American-themed restaurant called ExtraBlatt (10/10) that was open and grabbed some dinner and beers.

Turns out the great thing about the Pound crashing is that all prices in Euros are the equivalent in Sterling at the moment. Makes things easy to fathom...

Back to the Ibis and a viewing of FFXV Kingsglaive before bed. Hopefully sleep well tonight in preparationfor our first day in Essen tomorrow. Very excited!