Well, Summer is finally here, and our hard work here at Golden Ratio Games is looking like its starting to bear fruit as we approach the busy season.  First up is the UK Games Expo where we hope to see some of you fine folk there to play some of our products and give us your feedback.

Our third project: Making Time is currently off at the printers, to make some review and playtest copies, we hope in time for the Expo.  While most of the artwork is there already, there are still some stock images in place, which we hope we'll be able to commission following a successful kickstarter campaign.

Making Time is a co-operative game where the aim is to build a certain number of timepieces within the time limit.  Players make use of the cards they draw to build the gears or manage their hand.  Timepieces affect play while they are incomplete and have a one-off effect once completed.

The game takes approximately an hour to play, and has lots of replayability due to the different timepieces and their effects that are drawn at random.

The idea of this game came about while looking for a game where players colour-match cards to components within each timepiece.  The theme of having a finite amount of cards in your hand to collect the colour sets means that communication is key.  The more efficient players are at completing the gears, the better their chances of success.

The colourful clock theme should appeal to younger players and mature players alike and is seen as a gateway game in many respects.  This style of game would also appeal to casual gamers, or for those times when you have a spare hour during a gaming session when you just can't in another round of something more cerebral.

Elementa, our first game, is undergoing minor transformation following on from feedback from the kickstarter, and Baggage Train, our second game, is awaiting final artwork before it comes together.  So this is all very exciting for us here at Golden Ratio Games, and we hope you'll support us in this, our nursing period.  We'll be adding people to our mailing list and would very much like to hear from you if you have any ideas for us, or would like to review or playtest any of our products.

Well, I hope to see some of you at the UK Games Expo, and look out for our Kickstarter following shortly in the next month or so.

GRG Steve